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society. She sought to eradicate the traditional Pakistani laws which prevented women from possessing unalienable rights. (Updated 2008.) Modern World History Online. Vref1 titleAn Examination Of The Effect Of Benazir Bhutto Politics Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. In order to avoid change and remove Bhutto from office, Bhuttos rival politicians accused her of many fallacious crimes. Here I must have to tell you that only 16 students from Mbbsmc appeared in Fcps part 1 examination and 10 stood victorious! Benazir Bhutto sought to restore and protect human rights for the Pakistani people, which would serve as a huge step in modernizing Pakistan.

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She states in her peace policy, An earlier military dictator used Afghanistan s critical importance to the world community to perpetuate his own dictatorship. "An Examination Of The Effect Of Benazir Bhutto Politics Essay.". Since Pakistan is full of devout Muslims, followers of other religions were outlawed. President Khan repeatedly vetoed proposed laws and ordinances that would have lessened his Presidential authority. As devout Muslims, the majority of Pakistani people are forced to follow Islamic traditional laws, such as purdah, which take away from their unalienable rights. Boston Public Library Electronic Library. Bhutto was viewed as a bad Muslim by her fellow politicians and she was banned from politics for the next two years. However, General Zia-ul-Haq claimed to have misplaced the petition, and further ignored worldwide appeals for clemency. By developing the human rights of the Pakistani people, Bhutto was introducing her people to western ideals and improving there lives. Although Bhutto was not proven guilty for either of these charges, she was booted from office once again for corruption (Wynbrandt, James). After repeatedly placing them under house arrest, the regime finally imprisoned Benazir under solitary confinement in a desert cell at Sindh Province.