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from a single windmill is:.6 W per square meter.13 square meter 47 W Figure 1: Mean wind speed on year 2013, Putra Jaya (source: m/forecast/putrajaya_lake) There is two types of wind turbine: horizontal axis wind turbine (hawt). Global warming is a significant problem which results in increasing concentrations of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. tags: solar, eolic and nuclear energies Strong Essays 1398 words (4 pages) Preview. Over that time, the consequences of constantly burning fossil fuels have accumulated into a threat to industrialized cities. We also need to take into account how much electric energy can be produced from these sources and whether that will be enough to support the energy usage of South Africa. tags: nuclear, ecosystem, power Powerful Essays 1978 words (5.7 pages) Preview - Global warming is an extremely important and troubling aspect of the worlds current situation. What is Renewable Energy and where does it come from? Do you agree that better ways of storing energy would make generating electricity cleaner and more efficient? What are the Advantages of Wind Power? That is another debate entirely that our politicians and economists have argued for decades, and will continue to argue (14) for many years to come. Let's say you're keen on wind turbines.

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The major disadvantage of geothermal power is that for the most efficient use, they are geographically limited. As the world enters a new century, new sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydrogen power need to be developed to help the world keep running on all cylinders. Oil and other fuel cell also cause green house gases which contribute to global warming. Did you know that scientists at the German Fraunhofer Institute broke the world record for the most efficient solar cell. Many may not know these terms, what they actually consist of, and how we can all do our part and help. Try switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and use energy monitors to help you cut the cost of your other appliances.

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