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is based off a students independent income at the graduate level, it is likely many are leaving unused funds on the table. As of 2012-13, federal grants accounted for 3 percent of all graduate financial aid; meanwhile, 64 percent of funding came from loans. This federal document not only gives students access to low-interest loans, it also qualifies them for federal grants and work-study programs. However, while abroad, students must overcome the initial homesickness and culture shock, conform to a different teaching style, adapt to unfamiliar social and cultural expectations and develop proficiency in a new language. Perhaps the biggest issue is ensuring all students are filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (fafsa). You may have wanted to be a doctor but after taking several science classes, you decided that youre rather go into marketing.

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After reading through all of the costs associated with undertaking a doctoral degree, interested students may be wondering how on earth theyll ever be able to justify taking this next step. Fiction Its true: there are a lot of scholarships available specifically to minority students and other special populations, but there are plenty of other scholarships open to all students. 9 The government provides the most money. Looking for more benefits? Nces data on graduate degree program costs, while acknowledging the great variance amongst programs, found public and private masters programs average 26,288 and 61,104, respectively.