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it's not the down-for-the count, deep snooze, but the dozing sleep where you can still hear the kids, the pets, and reruns of "House Hunters International" in the background. MusicLuvr 9 years ago 1, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment. Set your phone's alarm for 30 minutes. However, some people believe that school leavers should enter university directly from finishing school. Views concerning a gap year differ widely among people. Secondly, a gap year gives people an incredible opportunity to travel abroad. For example, during a gap year most of the people become independent from parents. Disclaimer: Informal studies blogskin thesis theme by mothers and middle-aged people are ongoing. I hope you do well on your test!

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Of course this is just may be different for you. Wish you had more energy to stay up late and accomplish more? Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above-given idea. Then I found a couch of my own and experienced the miracle of the Nap Before Bed - let's call it the NaBB. In analog clock terms, he calls it a day when the big hand is on the 30 and the little hand is on the nine. The previous me - the mom-on-duty me - was committed to staying up late and getting things done, even if I stopped doing them well because I needed more sleep. In conclusion, tastes differ, but I think that students should take a gap year because it enriches their perception of the world. Do you find yourself dragging by dinnertime? That's right - now you too can join the millions of adults who have lowered their standards and raised their level of happiness by taking the d realized that the world did not come to an end. I have had many similar all-nighters and they are not fun. Surrender to the bliss of the NaBB.