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and liability implications to those affected, including arin. Typically, proposal objectives are broken down into three categories: review of the problem, evaluation of the problem and possible solutions. Writing the Policy Proposal, be sure to: Address it to the governmental official who has the most authority to deal with this issue. The result of the ACs initial review will be posted to the Public Policy Mailing List. You will be expected to be current both on the person holding this position as well as their likely views on your proposal should you be selected for interivew. Furthermore, its necessary to set the appropriate terms for your solution, specifically the scope that it would cover. For example: While the health care problem is too large, various elements such as aids risk reduction, dealing with a specific disease, or prenatal care for economically disadvantaged women could be discussed.

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In general consider questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how often to establish a case and urgency for action. Identify any special conditions, fees, exceptions, organizational interdependencies or cooperation needed, etc., in order to ensure effectiveness of the proposed policy. If you write to the chair of a legislative committee, verify that his or her committee has the jurisdiction to do what you propose. Don't just say not enough money or votes but capture briefly the legitimacy of the opposition.

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In order to create a proposal, you need to gather the facts. In a policy proposal you attempt to address a problem and describe how the problem can be resolved or changed. Its easy to claim that something is a problem but its difficult to prove that. Follow your statement with a proposed solution and how to implement. Send the proposal. It is "small" enough to be presented on one page. This could be based on survey statistics or scientific studies. Choose persuasive data to explain your position. . At least one of the solutions should be making no procedural changes to the policy, while a second should be to scrap the entire process for changing policies, as both are potentially viable. Proposals that suggest changing a policy in the public sector seek to alter guidelines pertaining to laws governing production or distribution of goods to the local, state or national government. This is why company policies are made. If applicable try to provide text just as it would be inserted into existing policy sections.

And of the difficulties in implementing the solution you recommend. . A Note About Presidential Transitions: We recognize that during a period of transition, you may not know to whom to address your proposal prior to the deadline. Making change can be difficult, but putting facts on paper is the best way to make your case. For example, if working from home is a cost efficient change that would accommodate the needs of employees and the organization, a policy proposal presented to leadership is the best course of action.

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