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of the ICC treaty. Reference this, the ICC has revolutionized international criminal law in many respects, one of which was enhancing the standing platform and participation for victims and witnesses of crimes. Relationship with the International Criminal Court. This revision, however, did not occur in the context of a formal treaty negotiation. According to this theory, while attempting to create new norms by establishing a court, establishing an international order functioning in their own interest may become a priority. The Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Documentary History. Certain preconditions must exist before the court can exercise its jurisdiction. Furthermore, the Security Council adjudicated upon the establishment of a tribunal designated to prosecute persons responsible for flagitious infraction of international humanitarian law charged in the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991 on 22 February 1993.

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An Introduction to the International Criminal Court. Specifically, international human rights law generally recognizes a right to a remedy for victims, including: Restitution (restoring victim to original position in terms of property, liberty, employment, etc. The ICC approach, the Rome Statute "builds upon and further enhances the victim measures" introduced by the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals. The Court can also sanction misconduct before the Court, such as disruption of its proceedings or deliberate and intentional refusal to comply and cooperate with its directions. Pace University School of Law International Law Review 17,. The Ad Hoc Committee concluded that the new court was to adapt to principles and rules that would make sure that the highest criterion of justice, and that these should be integrated in the statute rather than being left to the dubiety of judicial discretion. In September 2002, the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC established the Special Working Group on the Crime of Aggression. In fact, there is no idiom in the relevant section related with the subject directly for establishing such type of a court.