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of ethics, viewing it as a try to find out the highest good. He asks, is it better for a city-state that is to be well managed to share everything possible? By making the people believe, through a myth, that the distinction of each class is biological as well as moral, Plato reassures that there won't be any disruption in the harmony of the state. God made us in his image. According to Plato, the creator must be good and devoid of selfishness which means that he wishes all things to be like himself (Pomerleau, 24). Human beings are not self-sufficient so they need to live in a social environment. Next Essays Related to Plato Aristotle. Intelligence has been attributed to genetics.

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Imagine another situation in which a family has a son and a daughter and they are brought up by the entire community, never knowing who their parents are, nor the fact that they are siblings. He believed that the main science is theology, which is the study of God. Plato's concept of what politics and government should be is a direct result of his belief in the theory of forms. Neither could they be responsible for realization, of how people come to certain knowledge about some special things. Besides, if Plato suggests that characters act as role models to be able to be in theatre does that mean he didnt mind if they werent role models off stage? He then proceeds to disprove two of them, thereby making the last remaining possibility the correct one by means of deduction. In my religion, God is great, and worthy to be praised. Yet, in essence, it does not take away from the ideal because we are all humans, but we differ in certain capacity levels to complete tasks. Plato was a polytheist. As far as Platos views on religion go, I agree with him about one thing and one thing only. Therefore, philosopher rulers are by far the most apt to rule. Both perspective views are and will continue to puzzle students for years to come.

This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphael's School of Athens ( Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican) where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. Providing food and abode for the Guardians is the only governmental responsibility the lower class has.