don't follow the crowd essay

they are sitting. Most of the names are similar, but people are different, so you need to be different. Blindly following the crowd, these days most people follow the same path their colleagues and friends followed just not to seem odd. When people form a group they usually infect each other with their incorrect beliefs and together they come to see an even more distorted reality. I am an independent thinker. So stop following the crowd. Employees will never be in control of their lives. In the movie of your life, you need to be the director. When you don't phd thesis counselling know what to do it might seem like a very good idea to do the same things that others are doing. In the, solid Self confidence program i said that most people don't see reality correctly. See also: crowd, follow follow/go with the crowd (often disapproving ) do as everyone else does because you have no ideas of your own: Dress in the way you like and try not to follow the crowd.

So many people in the younger generations are choosing certain careers because their parents advised them one day to study hard, get good grades to go to the university in order to get a high-paying job later. I could never just follow the crowd. Most people lie to themselves and eventually believe the lies. See also: crowd, follow. How to make anyone fall in love with me fast (book).

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Most people don't see the world correctly. Our parents wants us to be like their generation. How to get over anyone in few days (book). The answer is no, and the numbers and statistics are proving that. Less than 10 percent of the worlds workforce is considered wealthy. For the first instance following the crowd might seem like a smart decision but after you get to know how groups of people think you will discover that following a large number of people might be the worst thing you can ever make.

Don t, follow the, crowd, Be Yourself and Focus on What You Do Best

don't follow the crowd essay

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