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life, whether good or bad, teach one lessons and for John and Lorraine these lessons come through hardship because they do not recognize and value the good that they had. People, like baboons, build their own cages. As the problem is solved, Zindels teenagers (and Zindel himself) learn lessons and gain new insights. As in most of his novels, the principal characters are two teenagers of opposite sex, with the male typically taking rip van winkle essay themes the leading role. The adults in, the Pigman are treated unsympathetically, as they are in Zindels plays. The Pigman are based on people Zindel has known. Like Zindels novels that follow, it is written in a style which has been described as an accurate capturing of the bright, hyperbolic sheen of teen-age language.

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I Never Loved Your Mind, for example, Dewey Daniels refers to his parents as the Engineer and the Librarian. All in all, the themes in this book are many and close together, and if more people read this book, people would have a much better view of older people as parental figures, keeping their platonic relationships platonic, and not to drink at a young. If I had let him and. Pignati: My mother started her high frequency cackling, but it was Bore who got on my nerves.(pg.136). John shows us his extreme dislike for school by detailing his behavior there. A good example of this can be found on page 131. Furthermore, despite johns drunk babbling, this scene takes place in a police car, enough consequence to prove this theme. On the other hand, Lorraine does not have any of these bad habits. As soon as this happens, they both get really quiet and decide to go downstairs and eat dinner. The time between his lighting the fuse and the explosion was about eight minutes, so John could hear it anywhere he was in the building, which brought him great satisfaction. They are frequently unable to establish an adequate home environment, and they find most of the interests of the young either uninteresting or unimportant. When two very good friends both know when something gets weird, it shows that both of them arent ready to become more than Friends.

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