stem cell controversy essay

McKay 1997 ; Fuchs and Segre, 2000 ; Watt and Hogan, 2000 ; Weissman., 2000 ; Blau., 2001 ; Spradling., 2001 ). Stem cells get their name from the fact that they are basic cells that other cells develop from. ( De Wert., 2002 ) Even though many countries do forbid pregnancyfortransplantation, it has been argued that it could be morally justified as a last resort, on the basis that sacrificing a fetus (a potential person) may be justified in order to rescue. The area of stem cell research involving human embryonic stem cells is of particular interest in that embryonic stem cells are derived from week-old blastocysts developed from in vitro fertilized eggs. Nature, 418,. Differentiating melanocytes transfer pigment to Continue Reading Embryonic Stem Cells 615 Words 3 Pages spinal cord injuries.

In most cases to date, these have been spare IVF embryos, although IVF embryos have been specifically created for the purpose of stem cell isolation ( Lanzendorf., 2001 ). Science, 276,. ( 2002 ) New bioethics council offers no recommendations. Proponents believe that such trials would be feasible even in the short term ( McKay, 1997 ). This difference, however, is just gradual. Google Scholar SanchezRamos,., Song,., CardozoPelaez,., Hazzi,., Stedeford,., Willing,., Freeman,.B., Saporta,., Janssen,., Patel,. In view of the importance of this research, both in terms of the contribution to the development of cell therapy and the potential ultimately to reduce the instrumental use of human embryos by developing an alternative for therapeutic cloning, this research would no doubt also. Within a couple of years). Bone marrowtomuscle within the mesodermal lineage as well as transdifferentiate to derivatives of other germ layers (e.g. Stem cells are also found in the umbilical cord and are harvested and stored shortly after birth to be used in a national bank, similar to a blood bank. These cells are pluripotent and can be maintained so that they grow and divide indefinitely without differentiating. ( 2000 ) Turning blood into brain: cells bearing neuronal antigens generated in vivo from bone marrow.

The sources of embryonic stem cells are a main point of controversy in the debate. Free Essays from Bartleby Stem cell research is a growing field and it has broug. Stem cell usage is a very controversial topic, because most people think. Free Essay: Abortion, gay marriage, and illegal immigration are all hot button.

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