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Rising which further envisaged a future where book reading will become. The Parents of the students were also seen brimming with joy and passion while they attended the program. The importance of wearing seat belt and helmet was also reiterated. Students of class XI-A bagged the first prize with a narrow margin, while class XI-C students gave tough competition to the winning team and stood second. Our students participated in the Health exhibition, Solo Western Dance, Quiz and Orator Championship, for which they received excessive praise and encouragement for their unique concepts and par excellence dance performance. It was truly a pleasure to watch our young minds working intricately with mirror, silken thread, beads, cotton, glitter, foam and other eco-friendly material in to produce the best of their craftsmanship.

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The entire Pre-Primary wing was beautifully decorated, depicting scenes like Raas Leela, Birth of Krishna, Kansh Vadh, Updesh of Krishna to Arjuna, Govardhan Puja. A Hawan Ceremony was organized on this auspicious occasion and Chairperson,. Lets together spread the light of literacy. During the workshop students were trained to click photographs of the Earth, its features environment through the camera mounted on the ISS. . The cute little reindeers with their shiny noses won the hearts of all teachers students. The winners and guest judges was facilitated by the Chairperson and the Principal of the school. The programme showcased variety of performances ranging from Life Skills lessons, Skill India activities, Heritage Week, Clubs in school and dance performances learnt so far in the year. The diverse roles the lady plays and she tirelessly contributes in her childs life. .

Essay, question Papers (1993-2018) Full Length Mock upsc Mains GS2: Set#2- US Senate vs Rajya Sabha, Modis De-hyphenated Policy vs Nehrus NAM. Download History Textbooks of Tamilnadu State Education Board for Culture, World History, Ancient, Medieval, Freedom struggle. I had enrolled for IMS e-test series 2017. My experience with IMS has been great!