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bodily organism is only present while man is in the act of Sense-perception. The meaning of knowledge is power is that real power comes from the knowledge which distinguishes man from animals. Man has mind and ability to use the power of knowledge accordingly, thats why man is called as the most powerful and intelligent creature on the earth by the nature. The underlying secret of every success is the power of knowledge which ultimately gives a person name, fame and money. It gives new and revolutionary ideas which help to alter the way of viewing the world. Moreover, this experience reveals the emptiness of all talk about Things-in-themselves, f whatsoever kind, behind the phenomena of Nature. This being said, it cannot on the other hand be emphasised too strongly that he who gives out supersensible knowledge in our time will the better fulfil his responsibilities to mankind the more he contrives to express this knowledge in forms of thought borrowed from.

We might put it in this way: as in the recyclable bags essay physical world one is conscious of experiencing objects and events as material, so in the spiritual world one is conscious of experiencing beings and facts through revelations of feeling which come from without like colours. Itself, this Science of Nature cannot penetrate into the supersensible world; but it lends the human mind an aptitude for combinations of thought whereby the higher knowledge can be so expressed that the irresistible impulsion to misuse it need not arise. For example, Newton discovered theory of gravitation and there are other many famous scientists who have been discovered amazing things in life involving in making life easy and advance on the earth. Within its present earth-life it finds a spiritual germ which must unfold in a future earth-life after passing through states between death and a new birth. Knowledge is power proverb is said by the Francis Bacon. He, on the other hand, who holds to the belief that the essence of causal relationships experienced in waking life can be extended into the life of dreams, endows the dream-pictures with an imagined reality which will make it impossible for him to experience their. The use of knowledge in positive ways give lots of benefits to the humanity however, in the negative ways, it may destroy the whole planet. It is very true that human beings are physically weak than animals however they are not so weak by mind because they have knowledge which gives them true power to handle almost everything in the world. Ex: your stories/memories. Should remind people of the thesis statement, except the lst body paragraph which is next to the thesis.

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