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with particular issues selected as the topic of the dissertation thesis. Strengthening Indian environmental laws: new lessons and approaches. This thesis examines how the principles of sustainable development could actually be translated into specific legislative provisions with special emphasis on the development and management of water resources in Nigeria. India may positively draw lessons from the UK in these areas. Library Catalogue: Check for printed version of this thesis.

This study concludes that India should take measures to improve enforcement of various environmental laws, including adopting a revised policy on pollution prevention, developing an integrated approach to pollution abatement, developing a policy on prosecution and enforcement, restructuring various environmental laws to meet treaty obligations. The total number of points obtained by a candidate consists of aggregating scores in individual parts of the entrance examination. There could hardly be any doubt that the pursuit of development objectives, especially in a developing country such as Nigeria, is a legitimate and in fact necessary path for economic, social and political advancement.

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School/Faculty: Schools (1998 to 2008) School of Law. The study uses research methodology based on comparative law method, concepts of lesson drawing and policy transfer from political science, and socio-legal approaches. Admission or non-admission to study) within thirty days of the verification of fulfilment of the requirements for admission to study. Legal Protection of Air, Water and Land. Repository Staff Only: item control page). ID Code: 220, this unpublished thesis/dissertation is copyright of the author and/or third parties. Environmental Liability, ownership and Environment. Economic Instruments of the Protection of the Environment. In English specialisations, field of study: Environmental Law (6801V021). Form of application: electronic, paper, field specification, the aim of the field of study is to deepen knowledge of the theoretical principles of environmental law through studying both environmental issues and related theoretical public law issues as general background of the field. Faculty of law.

Department: Law, additional Information: A revised and expanded version of this thesis was published in 2010. Supervisor(s Le Sueur,.

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