essay on my favourite cartoon character mr bean

a photo. Besides, this cartoon was full of funny moments, especially with Shaggy and Scooby. H help, helpful, hand, to give a helping hand, hurt, hero. I would advise this cartoon to every child because it may develop logical thinking in their minds. This cartoon was created by studio «Hanna-Barbara» in 1969. Choose a favourite character from a book, film or real life. In addition, the most popular of them are watched by millions of people. She is a teenager and she lives in the forest, in a tall tower. He is from the Stone Age.

Essay on my favourite cartoon character mr bean
essay on my favourite cartoon character mr bean

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My favourite cartoon character is Fred Flintstone. We don't know how old Karlsson is, but his jokes and games seem to be very funny for little children. . Her long golden hair is magic. He knows how to entertain the little boy. Karlsson is a short, stout, overconfident man, who lives in a small house on the roof of an ordinary apartment building. Every weekday evening I sat in front of the TV and waited for the beginning of this broadcast. Besides, there are several characters who were demonstrated in several parts in this animation: Scooby-Dum and Scrappy-doo. Thanks to this he can fly. Karlsson made friends with Lillebror, a little boy who lived in one of the flats. Moreover, the popularity of it makes creators produce new series. When he presses this button, it activates a little propeller on his back.

T talk, talkative, tell, to tell the truth, tease. His best friends name is Barney Rubbles.