unknown girl moniza alvi essay

Language and Imagery, the poem is dense with vivid sensual imagery; colours, texture, sounds. The voice is that of the speaker who could also be the poet, using the first person singular. Rather it can also define the persona, and thus Moniza Alvi herself, as she is a stranger amidst her own people on account of having lived her whole life elsewhere. This creates a gradually darkening atmosphere as it grows late and the evening turns to night. Many of Moniza Alvis poems draw from her experiences as a mixed race person, born in Pakistan but brought up in England.

The evening is a period between the day and the night, with a mix of both but not fully one or the other. The speaker looks down at the peacock that has been iced onto her hand and then around at the shops. Her first collection, The Country at My Shoulder was published in 1993.

An, unknown, girl by, moniza, alvi - 1883 Words Bartleby

unknown girl moniza alvi essay

Neither country will whole heartedly accept them, nor can they accept only one country. The lines are enjambed, ensuring a smooth flow, as the speaker observes and describes her surroundings and her feelings. Lines 10-18, this unknown girl is working cheaply, hennaing the speakers hand for only a few rupees. It is worth reading Alvis poem. The poem itself is centered in the middle of the page. From what the reader knows of Moniza Alvi, they can deduce that the centering of the poem is symbolic of her own division between the Pakistani and Eastern aspects of her identity, and its more pronounced English and Western aspects. This is one more out of place element in the scene. With this detail the reader now knows that this scene is taking place in a market in India. She sees the design as new brown veins. It is called a bazaar, evoking an image of old fashioned market places, but this is clearly not the case. At the time of writing this analysis a new generation has been born who are immersed in English or methods of organization in essays Scottish or Welsh culture.

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