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years. History and the Great Year ). Yet the fifteen year project was nonetheless completed slightly ahead of schedule.

Thats right, our humble civilization with its Dodge pick up trucks, fried chicken fast food, and ethnic cleansings (and computation!) is in the lead. The exponential trends underlying productivity growth are just beginning this explosive phase. Choosing our company, you can be sure that your content wasnt copied from others sources, and all the citations are formatted properly. Dont bet. Nonbiological thinking is still millions of times less today, but the cross over will occur before 2030. This pattern may remain relatively unchanged for hours, even years. The paradigm shift rate (i.e., the overall rate of technical progress) is currently doubling (approximately) every decade; that is, paradigm shift times are halving every decade (and the rate of acceleration is itself growing exponentially). Which brings us to the issue of relinquishment, which is Bill Joys most controversial recommendation and personal commitment.

The portion of available liquidity in the economy that the Fed actually controls is relatively insignificant. These observations do not rely merely on an assumption of the continuation of Moores law (i.e., the exponential shrinking of transistor sizes on an integrated circuit but is based on a rich model of diverse technological processes. Great content and interesting views thats all about my paper. Now, paradigm shifts occur in only a few years time. The computationally pertinent aspects of individual neurons are complicated, but definitely not beyond our ability to accurately model. Certainly the brain uses very different methods from conventional contemporary computers. That is, once the technology has been refined and perfected. If the seti assumption that there are many (e.g., millions) of technological (at least radio capable) civilizations is correct, then at least some of them (i.e., millions of them) would be way ahead.