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in MyPlan: T hist 377 T hist 378 American Architecture (5) vlpa Examines the architecture of the United States from early Native American structures to late twentieth-century buildings. Earning an online degree in facilities management can help prepare students to meet these evolving challenges.

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View course details in MyPlan: arch 362 arch 380 Computers in Architecture (3) Laboratories, lecture, and demonstrations to introduce computing in environmental design and planning. Concurrent with arch 500. They may also include a variety of courses focused on basic business concepts. Of course, programs and schools all differ, but courses typically include such subject matter as: Fundamentals of facility management systems and practices Operations and maintenance management Environmental health and safety Building systems Construction and project management Planning and design management Certificate programs in facilities management. View course details in MyPlan: arch 495 arch 496 Architectural Studies Abroad - Urban Fieldwork (1-6, max. View course details in MyPlan: T hist 486 T hist 487 Technology in the Modern World (5) I S Examines social, cultural, and historical studies of the role of technology in the modern world. Examines the relationships of "making" to available materials, sources of energy and the development of infrastructure. View course details in MyPlan: arch 527 arch 528 Digital Design for Fabrication and Construction (3) Explores the rapid integration of fabrication, construction, and performance criteria early in the architectural design process, through the use of powerful digital tools. Student must provide own 35 mm (or larger) camera with manual operating controls. View course details in MyPlan: T hist 202. View course details in MyPlan: arch 556 arch 558 Seminar in Twentieth-Century Architecture (3/5) Specific focus changes from quarter to quarter.