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(1983) and The Well (1986). Mitchell Literature in the 21st century Many of the Australian writers who distinguished themselves in the last decades of the 20th century continued to make their mark in the new century. Patrick Whites Flaws in the Glass (1981) was of particular interest. It is also social and cultural history. And David Campbell ( Collected Poems 1989) combined an intelligent love for poetry with a passion for the land, the language of the traditional lyric with the speech rhythms of the Australian vernacular. Patrick White, a, nobel Prize winner (1973) and the most important and influential of the modern Australian novelists, was drawn to Australian themes and the Australian landscape, but he was profoundly dismissive of the dun-coloured journalism, as he thought it, of Australian fiction. Lucinda Brayford (1946) and the Langton quartet, beginning with. His insistence that he wrote only of what was fact, apart from impressing the reader that the world is a very strange place, put him completely at odds with the following generation of short-story writers as, for example, Frank Moorhouse, Michael Wilding, and Peter Carey. Keneally was a gifted storyteller, and his fiction appealed to both the serious and the popular audience.

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Like many writers of the time, he thought carefully about language and the signs by which meaning is conveyed. In the 1980s Carey extended his range and began writing novels, still exploiting fantasy and, as much postmodernist fiction article about camping essay does, the interpolation of stories within stories. Soldiers and Australian military personnel and civilians during World War. Two of his critically acclaimed plays are Travelling North (1980) and Dead White Males (1995). To the Islands (1958 a novel that was poetic in texture and structure and that intertwined aspects of European and Aboriginal culture and belief.