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do my best to support my mother as soon as I got to know that she was incurably ill. For my part it used to be pity, compassion. To this day, I'm still here trying to complete my college education. When my mom passed away, just a little past a year ago, my whole life changed, my grades started slipping, I started skipping classes, I dropped all extra-curricular activities ( hockey, badminton). In all my actions I was free to make my own decisions. To meet the sunset again.

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No one has ever loved me the way she did. I lost a great woman that inspired me to be a better person and follow my dreams; my grandmother, Maria Luisa Rodriguez.

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The things my son learns and teaches everyday are also amazing and also make me better. Despite my apparent tranquillity and surface brightness, I feel empty inside. This feeling of emptiness and helplessness without the closest person never leaves you. As a child I would offer my help to clean her house when I would go see her about twice a year, but she would decline in a rudely manner, yelling Don't you touch a thing, you"ll just screw everything up!" Relieved with her answer. Mother cannot be substituted by anyone, probably like deceased children cannot be substituted by anyone for their parents. Got a writing question? I thanked her for her loving help and protection, for giving me everything I needed - and even a bit more - to grow.

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