childhood essay about rainy season

is difficult to walk along the road. It is the life and blood of the whole earth. In old houses and huts the rainwater leaks through Is this essay. The south-central region, including Anchorage, shares some of the patterns of the interior, but modified toward the pattern of the coast areas on its south edge. The drains are filled. The sun is not visible. Most of the southeast, east, and northern parts of the country comprise the "dry zone which receives between 12 mm (47â75 in) of rain annually. In summer, the air becomes very memoir personal essays hot.

We feel quite happy. Rainy season adds scenic beauty to the environment. It returns greenery to the gardens and lawns back. Well a lot of insects including parasites depend on water and humidity for life support, so malaria, dengue fever, influenza, diarrhoea are all typical rainy season diseases. All the birds and animals become happy by getting lots of water to drink and grow. These months are very hot. Plants, trees, birds, animals, including human beings wait for this season very eagerly and get prepared to welcome the rainy season. The air in this season is free from dust. The rains sometimes bring havoc to the people in the sea shore area of Kerala, Andhra or Tamil Nadu. The sun shines bright, and we sweat greatly. À à à à à à«à à à à. I got the answer "In the rainy season it is hot and humid The heat makes you sweat and the humidity stops it from evaporating." when i attempted to find answer for my child's home work, but in my opinion it doesn't sweat much during.

May, June, and July are the summer months of the year. In the Himalayan ranges too it sometimes brings life to a standstill.

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