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go with them. But does money truly bring happiness? She told me that her mother and father are always stressed about paying the bills and other expenses that come up each month. Is it the school systems fault? This emptiness will never be filled no matter how much money they can attain.

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If a person has a million pounds in the bank and never touches a penny of it, or a huge mansion and never occupies it, it is the same as if he had neither the money nor the house. Wealth is not having money, property, and power if these things cannot make a person truly content. To some, having lots of money is their source of fulfillment, to others it isnt satisfying. Very often the activities that yield these things are challenging, even effortful. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, many wealthy people have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities or have given some of their wealth as gifts to love ones. A person in the midst of doing something objectively worthwhile might not describe himself as happy - usually he will be too absorbed to notice - and only later will realise that what it is to be happy is to be absorbed in something worthwhile. The important point here is that 'happiness' is too vague and baggy a notion to be truly helpful. It was said. Others feel that money is a source of happiness because it allows them to enjoy the many opportunities and experiences that life has to offer. Instead, happiness comes as a sideline of other endeavours that in themselves bring satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Unlike wealth in the form of money and possessions, such happiness can never be quantified, only felt; and if one has it, it does not matter if the level of it always stays the same. This is because people believe that being rich will make you happy.