creative alternatives to a research paper

by anticipating opposing points of view, and justify their resource selections. Newspaper Detective Examine an event closely by reading newspaper articles written at the time. Identify journals basic to the discipline. Compare and contrast peer reviewed and popular or trade publications in the field. then write a newspaper article that describes the event based on your research. What support can you offer for your solution? Teaches students to develop and support an argument that is convincing to a particular audience. In what circumstances is it appropriate to cite other papers? Put on a conference complete with poster sessions, panels, papers, etc. Demonstrates the characteristics of various types of sources and develops evaluative skills. Demonstrates the evolution of a particular topic and the scholarly communication surrounding.

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creative alternatives to a research paper

Successful assignments: are relevant to the course, build on previous work and provide foundation for future work encourage students to think about the type of information they need include retrieval of information using tools in ways that will be helpful in other contexts ask students. Compare the authorship, content, format, and the conclusions of the two articles. Search online databases, the library catalog, and/or the Internet. Review the Reviews Read three or four reviews of a book (or a product). Public clipboards featuring this slide, no public clipboards found for this slide. At various stages, students submit: 1) a clearly defined topic, 2) an annotated bibliography of useful sources, 3) an outline of paper, 4) a thesis statement, 5) an opening paragraph and summary.

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2015 gisa Conference Brian Collier Marist School sample assignment suggestions THE research process Conduct an Ignorance Audit Given a contemporary issue, discuss in groups or as a class what you dont know or you might misunderstand about the topic. But the five-paragraph essay isnt the be-all, end-all of student writing. What is the current thinking on this issue? How do you propose to solve the problem or what are the questions you need to ask to solve the problem? Include an introduction that briefly explains the subject.