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more laws and statistics on deaths caused by second hand smoking. We all should think of the long-term effects. As well as having serious health consequences for smokers themselves, the pollution of other people's atmospheres with cigarette smoke also makes this an environmental issue. A curvy woman, clad in a tight black dress revealing porcelain skin, her hair is down and in her hand, between her slender fingers, dangles a cigarette, or death stick, as is portrayed by the actual advertisement. If I ask my parents not to smoke around my babies, I always get the same response of, You are still alive and I smoked around you your whole life. Tobacco is one of the most widely-used recreational drugs in the world; mainly in the form of cigarettes, but also in cigars and pipes, and in combination with cannabis and marijuana in 'joints'. Cancers and deaths caused by smoking are verifiable in many ways.

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Concluding my argument, I feel like a law should be placed on smoking around any children or citizens that cannot run from sidestream smoke. That response sickens me and I instantly leave. The image I chose shows an innocent, little girl with a halo of smoke above her head. 2) Cigarettes are very different from dangerous cars or poisonous foods. Society has demarcated what sort of woman is now defined as sexy or attractive and in illustrating so clearly a cigarette burn on an intended to be appealing woman, the advertisement is attempting to portray smoking as having a negative effect on ones physical appeal;. In essay pakistan flag the article, Traditional Gender Roles Devastating Effect on the Modern Woman by Abby Kaplan the author contends, Even as young children, girls are steered away from male subjects. Works Cited, frenkler, Ekki. While the advertisement does construct an, essentially, illogical argument, since the claims made are actually perceived as true, the ad is still effective in illustrating smoking as an unhealthy, unattractive and unsavory habit.

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