did constantine really conver tot christianity essay

but only closed and destroyed important temples when essay a crow left a murder the bishops felt the sites were dangerous to their own faith. Constantine never converted his empire to Christianity. A: Until the time of Emperor Constantine, the main Christian Church was led by its bishops.

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Although he did not make paganism illegal he did eventually withdraw funding to pagan temples causing them eventually to go out of business. He built Christian churches, essay about physics subject most notably theoriginal St Peter's, St John in Lateran (the first residence of thepopes) in Rome, the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Hagia Irenein Constantinople. Since the Arian controversy did not abate, Constantine became more lenient and he lifted the exile. However, that seems unlikely because we all know that Jesus doesnot reward faith with instantaneous earthly victories. Update: I know the Constantine's mother was a Christian, she is actually a saint. He worshiped the Sun, or was devoted to Mithraism.

According to the ancient texts, she was the one who identified the most important places known in the Bible. For example, in 321 Constantine legislated that the celebration of the Day of the Sun should be a state holiday a day off for everybody. However, did he really become a true Christian, or was he just seeking the support of powerful bishops for political purposes? Answer Constantine was the first openly Christian Roman emperor. He promoted Christians in the imperial administration. He endorsed its ruling, exiled Arius and two of his supporters and issued an edict against Arianism which ordered all the writing by Arius to be burned to obliterate his teaching and his memory and established the death penalty for those who secretly owned copies. He ended the last remnants of the Great (and last) Persecution of the Christians which had started in 303. He agreed with the bishops suggestions to legislate against magic and private divination.

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